A Note from Beth

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Most Sundays, my family gathers for dinner. We eat, we pray, and we argue… sometimes about the Buffalo Bills and most times about politics and issues that are important to us.

The one thing we agree on is that there aren’t any “doers” in Washington.

We need leaders who will deal with the challenges we talk about every day, the things all of us talk about around the kitchen table.

That is why I am running for Congress.

We need “doers.” We need people who will get things done, because the stakes have never been higher.

Christian values are mocked, drugs and dangerous illegal immigrants flow through our broken borders, late term abortion is protected, and our schools teach what’s politically correct instead of the truth.

As an attorney, as a judge, as an activist and most importantly, as a mother, I have seen up close the harm that the liberal extremist agenda has caused here in Western New York.

And when our families are hurting, so is our nation.

I’m running to fight back against the enemies of freedom who glorify socialism and show disdain for America’s entrepreneurs.

I’m running to create a better and safer world for all of our children.

I’m running because there are stronger voices for women than Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I’m an educated, conservative woman who can make a logical argument; which means the Left and the mainstream media is going to hate me. But, I won’t shy away from talking about the same values you talk about every night at the kitchen table.

Join my team, contribute to my campaign, and together, we can push the politicians in Washington to get something done, and make sure that our families have a seat at the table.

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